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Partner Manager Tools for Joint Business Plans & One-Click QBRs

Ecosystem Manager Work-Flow Tools to Drive Partner-Led Revenue


Seamlessly manage budget and/or accrual-based marketing programs on a local, regional, or global level.  Configurable support of brand compliance requirements — fund requests through proof of performance!


  • QBR Masterclass #13:  Drive More Ecosystem Led Growth
  • QBR Masterclass #12:  QBRs, if you Build it, They Will Come
  • QBR Masterclass #11: Miraculous JBPs and QBRs
  • QBR Masterclass #10:  Change the Direction of your Partner-Led Revenue
  • QBR Masterclass #9:  Channel Sales MBRs & QBRs
  • QBR Masterclass #8: The Channel Cataclysm
  • QBR Masterclass #7: The Lady Knights of the QBR Roundtable

Key Business Impacts

  • Partner:  More Committed Partners
  • Partner: More Capable Partners
  • Ecosystem Manager:  More Professional Partner Management
  • Ecosystem Manager:  More Productive / More done in less time
  • Ecosystem Sales VP:  Scalable partner management model
  • Ecosystem Sales VP: Strong revenue and ROI impact

Key Insights

  • Partner targets
  • Partner plan completion
  • Partner plan acceptance & brand team approval
  • Partner plan task completion 
  • Partner MBR / QBR execution tracking
  • YoY growth and program ROI

Targeted Users

  • Partner: Create a success blueprint and track monthly progress
  • Ecosystem Manager: Provide a professional / guided workflow management tool to get the most out of your partnerships
  • Ecosystem Sales VP: Provide a globally scalable, efficient, and effective partnership management and QBR process

Services Available

  • Channel / Ecosystem data assessment
  • Channel / Ecosystem data integration, SSO, and channel system user experience integration
  • Channel / Ecosystem JBP and QBR system configuration 
  • JBP and QBR System training and partner manager mentoring
  • Ongoing professional services and consulting support