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Cloud GTM Platform

The only end-to-end platform built for Cloud GTM success


From first transactions to multi-million-dollar deals, Tackle helps ISVs unlock a new path to buyers through pre-existing cloud budgets and contracts.

The Tackle Platform helps software sellers align their business with the Cloud Providers to drive significant revenue through powerful Cloud Marketplace connections, integrated cloud co-selling solutions, buyer insights and data to back up your decisions, and so much more.

The Tackle Platform is the only solution on the market built to accelerate revenue generation through the clouds. Our zero-engineering approach and unique set of features enable and optimize your experience, allowing you to list on the Marketplaces, co-sell with the Cloud Providers, and transact quickly, easily, and cost-effectively — in record time.


Key Business Impacts

  • Larger deal sizes: Deals done through the Cloud Marketplaces are roughly 40% larger than direct deals.

  • Higher win rates: Sellers are 35% more likely to win deals that transact through the Cloud Marketplaces.

  • Faster sales cycles: Cloud GTM unlocks a 42% faster sales cycle due to a simpler procurement process.

  • Increase in new deals: Through Marketplace availability and co-sell influence, ISVs see an average 20% increase in net new deals.

Key Insights

  • Buyer intent data: Get a high, medium, or low score for each domain in your database to understand your buyers’ likelihood to purchase through the Cloud Marketplaces.

  • Marketplace Disbursement data: A single source of truth for transaction and disbursement data across clouds.

  • Contract & deal tracking: Track Marketplace private offers from creation to close.

  • Metering & usage charges: Daily and monthly exportable views into overage charges and product usage parameters.

Targeted Users

  • Partners & alliances leaders
  • Revenue & sales leaders
  • Revenue operations (RevOps) leaders

Services Available

  • Advisory workshops for executive alignment 
  • Advisory workshops for CRM integration & data intelligence
  • Advisory workshops for co-sell and GTM operations
  • Advisory workshops for marketing for Cloud GTM
  • Cloud GTM Coaching
  • Co-sell Managed Services