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Design and Launch Your Co-Sell Orchestration Program

Digital Bridge Partners empowers organizations to unlock ecosystem potential armed with a co-sell motion that results in predictable revenue. Revenue Teams, Partner Teams, and Partners can finally receive the support they need to take advantage of co-sell benefits.  


Digital Bridge's end-to-end offering will allow you to create a best practice, standardized co-sell program, and lay the groundwork for revenue creation at scale across your ecosystem.  We help you:
  • Assess current opportunities for co-sell revenue and current capabilities in order to set program goals, objectives, and business case.
  • Develop a repeatable co-sell plan, program, playbook and BoM including objectives/benefits, process, roles, timeline, etc.
  • Enable teams to pilot and test the approach in a rapid sprint, laying the groundwork for future scale engagement.

Key Business Impacts

  • 3-6x increase in sourced and influenced revenue
  • 2.5-3x greater revenue contribution
  • 50% faster deal closes
  • 200% increases in ACV

Key Insights

  • Current B2B GTMs is failing - outbound is 60% less effective than 5 years ago, buyers don't want to talk to salespeople, and Direct GTM targets only 20% of the TAM.
  • B2B is wasting $11B on ineffective lead management - 3% close rates due to low lead-to-oppty conversion (11%) and weak oppty-to-close conversion (22%)
  • Co-Selling with your ecosystem overcomes these weaknesses and increases yields by 4x

Targeted Users

Any B2BSaaS or B2B solution org with more than $50mm in ARR and an existing set of technology partners with whom they share a strong and reciprocal customer overlap.

Services Available

Service available globally and on-demand