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Ecosystem Management

Our no-code portal solution enables ecosystem orchestration and incentivization for all internal/external stakeholders.


Create a personalized destination for any ecosystem member, enabling your sales, marketing, and partner teams.  Create a branded hub for personalized content and communications, bringing together all of your authorized resellers for updates on products, pricing, and promotions. Prevent content sprawl with a system that can easily be configured and adapted by everyone that needs to manage information, and provide easy access to sales and marketing collateral, product documentation, training, sales data, and more.


Key Business Impacts

  • Personalized Experiences - Share what you need by automating the delivery of content based on a person’s unique profile and interests.
  • Automated Workflows - Quickly build and deploy ecosystem processes from a flexible workflow engine that governs access and approvals.
  • Streamlined Curation - Publish tens of thousands of assets across all content types—files, videos, images, links—to better enable teams.
  • Empowered Users - Provide self-service access to program information, services, and apps to help your ecosystem get what they need.

Key Insights

  • Engagement Metrics
  • Utilization/Consumption
  • Adoption Metrics
  • Content Performance Metrics

Targeted Users

  • Channel Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Sales & Marketing Managers
  • Partner/Dealer Admin
  • Sales Associates
  • Technical / Sales Engineers
  • Service Professionals

Services Available

  • Salesforce & Dynamics Managed Service Package
  • Program Design & Consultation Services
  • Outbound SSO to External Applications