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Embedded Analytics powered by Sigma

Effortlessly integrated into your applications, providing a seamless data experience.


With embedded analytics powered by Sigma, organizations can reduce their time to market, provide a best-in-class user experience with less overhead, and increase revenue with flexible monetization paths. Sigma enables these outcomes through a low-code implementation requiring minimal development effort, a spreadsheet-like UI that improves end-user adoption, and a flexible permissioning model that lets you build user experiences around how you want to make money.


  • HyperFinity Harnesses the Power of Sigma Embedded Analytics

Key Business Impacts

  • Rapid Development, Ready Integration: Embedding designed for ease of deployment, requiring minimal developer resources and no custom SDK integrations.

  • Accelerate Time to Market: No-code analytics and iFrame embedding make it fast and easy to deliver insights to your customers in minutes, creating a competitive edge while increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Tailored User Experiences to Drive Engagement: From essential dashboards to comprehensive data explorations, provide customizable embedded experiences to meet diverse user needs within a flexible, self-serve environment.

  • Monetize Your Data: Whether data is at the core of your product offering or you want to provide analytics at a premium, leverage embedded experiences to unlock new revenue streams for your organization.

Key Insights

  • Adoption & Engagement: Reduce silos, increase customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Revenue: data monetization opportunities, new revenue streams.

  • Efficiency: reduce time to deployment, reduce costs, and allocate developer time to other areas.

  • Collaboration: real-time communication, immediate alignment and action.

Targeted Users

  • Product, engineering, and data leaders
  • Product, engineering, and data teams
  • Dev teams

Services Available

  • Role-based access controls
  • Integrate with existing authentication
  • Live query against CDW
  • Write-back without SQL
  • Dynamic data exploration
  • No-code UI customization
  • In-app live chat support