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Incentives Automation (IA) Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services.

Maximize your return on incentives with our Incentives Automation (IA) consulting and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services offering unparalleled insights and strategies with data-driven methodologies and innovative approaches that propel technology, media, and telecom organizations to outperform their competition.


  • We translate your vision objectives into tangible value by delivering a strategy that aligns to your corporate objectives, engages the right partners and partner personas, sparking cohesive behavior-based incentive programs that offer unparalleled value to you and your valued partners.
  • We help you define and build a channel incentives framework to align your partners sales process to the new buyer's journey shifting focus from sales alone to influencing the activities and behaviors that lead to a sale, eliminating friction in the partner's sales and marketing process.
  • We provide BPO services to manage MDF/Rebate/Rewards claim auditing and adjudication; channel data consolidation, cleansing, enrichment and staging; partner concierge services and assistance in onboarding, planning, executing, and managing their marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • We leverage proven frameworks, generative artificial intelligence, and our subject matter expertise in crafting channel incentive solutions and strategies for some of the top brands in hardware, software, semiconductors, media, and telecom.
  • We have a strong inside view that is reflected in our analysis and Channel Incentive Management (CIM) solution insights, leveraging valuable client incentives data to formulate exclusive engagement and incentives strategies, custom-made for every client.

Key Business Impacts

  • Maximize your return on Incentives.
  • Simplify incentive plans, amplify partner engagement and loyalty.
  • Align your partners sales cycle to the new digital buyer's journey eliminating friction.
  • Move from a transactional to a behavioral incentive model.
  • Track, measure, report and analyze your objectives and key results (OKR).

Key Insights

  • Incentive plan design starts with identifying the desired activities/behaviors or you will overlook the true potential of the program and miss key metrics that will help you track programs performance.
  • To motivate the right behaviors and promote mutual success, the best practice is to shift your incentives mix to reward pre-sales behaviors, not just post-sales transactions.
  • Combine rebate and rewards programs into a single, incentive program to ensure partners earn benefits at the partner company and partner individual level, thoroughly driving performance.
  • Gamification in the channel is all about driving and rewarding activity and behavior completion… it’s not about games!
  • Although you should not rebate existing or recurring business, you should reward revenue growth (not attainment) observed through the achievement of quotas.
  • Give a partner a lead and she will eat for a day. Teach a partner how to generate demand through a marketing accreditation program and you will feed her/him for a lifetime.
  • Marketing accreditation combines skills transfer and vendor-specific program information with incentives; to empower partners to effectively execute vendor-created marketing programs.
  • You’ve got to allocate the reward where the effort is being made!

Targeted Users

  • B2B Mid-Market/Enterprise Technology and Telecommunications Vendors w/$200Million+ in Revenue.
  • 50%+ of the revenue is through independent channels w/minimum 200+ channel partners.
  • Broad/Complex Global Distribution that is not controlled by a few individual partners.
  • Large portion of budget is tagged for to channel and thru channel programs $1MM+.
  • Channel Chief, Channel Marketing, Channel Sales, Channel Revenue Management.

Services Available

  • Incentive program assessment & incentive plan design.
  • Incentive technology assessment & incentive application architecture.
  • Channel data management, claims adjudications services, concierge services.