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Ecosystem Optimization Engagement

Align your technology ecosystem to deliver on business objectives with a series of workshops, a 90-day ecosystem optimization plan and a long term strategic roadmap.


The Inspired team will plan and execute a series of strategic planning workshop sessions. During these sessions we will analyze your business objectives, map your current business environment, define your program components, and understand your evolving technology ecosystem. The result is a current state audit report, a 90-day platform optimization plan, and a strategic roadmap for mid to longer-term scalability and success.


Key Business Impacts

This engagement begins with a series of team workshops that consolidate the following areas into actionable insight focused deliverables:

Business Strategy
  • Align business goals with department goals
  • Document the approach (KPIs, OKRs, etc.)
  • Success Measures

Business Environment
  • Regions
  • Partner Types
  • Partner Personas

Program Components
  • Business Processes
  • Incentive Structures
  • Enablement Strategies

 Technology & Architecture
  • Build and assess current System Map
  • Coordinate changes to roadmap
  • Capability and gap analysis

Key Insights

Your team will exit the workshop series with a set of deliverables including: 

  • Current State Audit – An overview and analysis of the existing state based on the information collected during workshops.

  • Go Forward Recommendations – A set of prioritized recommendations based on Is Inspired's analysis, including an immediate 90-day action plan and a proposed roadmap for longer-term scale and success.

  • Strategic Roadmap – A high-level visual roadmap depicting key program components dependencies and team deliverables.

Targeted Users

The workshop series works best when it includes:

  • An engaged Executive Sponsor
  • Channel Leadership with specific target outcomes
  • Portal Owners with knowledge of current and desired partner experience and journeys
  • Technical Owners with knowledge of current systems and tools

Services Available

Every Ecosystem Optimization Engagement begins with a workshop series and related deliverables. This can be followed with initial launch support and strategic roadmap execution.

  1. Workshop Series and Initial Deliverables (30 days)
  2. 90 Day Launch / Relaunch Plan Support (90 days)
  3. Strategic Roadmap Ongoing Execution (12-24 months)