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Partner Communication Management

Increase Engagement. Improve Experience. Reduce cost.


Enhance your partnership engagement effortlessly with Komz. By empowering your partners to select the content they wish to receive and interact with, we help you deepen understanding and connections. Leveraging automation and AI, our proprietary matchmaking technology expertly curates, hosts, and distributes your content, ensuring it reaches the right audience at the right time.

Key Business Impacts

  • Reduce time & cost associated with sharing partner content
  • Increased partner engagement
  • Increased PRM engagement
  • Increased through partner sales

Key Insights

  • Create a better PX (Partner Experience)
  • No data to segment, no emails to personalise
  • No more newsletters
  • Increase partner engagement

Targeted Users

  • Partners
  • Users
  • Audience

Services Available

Partner Communication Management