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PartnerOptimizer's Partner Intelligence Platform for Ecosystems (“PIPE”) and tech-enabled services provide partnership teams with foundational, actionable partner intelligence and partner discovery.  When you improve the quality of your partner ecosystem, you optimize your entire partner tech stack and accelerate your partner ecosystem GTM!

Companies use PartnerOptimizer when they need to identify and recruit new partners, and when they need optimize their existing partnerships, budgets and resources. PIPE is powered by PartnerOptimizer's proprietary data mining engine, NeuralPartner, which constantly detects and aggregates billions of business attributes from millions of b2b tech companies' digital footprints globally. 

Use PIPE for your Existing Partners to:
  • Enrich and classify all the partner companies and contacts in your CRM (and cleanse it too!) 
  • Segment partners for any campaign you need or want to run
  • Build your data-driven Ideal Partner Profile ("IPP") with business attributes surfaced that your best partners have in common
  • Score and stack-rank your existing partners against your IPP(s) to know which to invest in
  • Fine tune your product marketing and track trends within your partner ecosystem
  • Understand your partners' brand alignment and loyalty to your competitors
  • Develop hyper-targeted content 
Create informatics about your overall partner ecosystem for reporting and strategic planning purposes

Use PIPE for your Partner Discovery & Recruitment to:
  • Build your data-driven Ideal Partner Profile of the Future 
  • Discover best partner prospect companies to recruit
  • Research your Total Addressable Partner Ecosystem Market ("TAPEM")
  • Leverage Partner Profiles for account-based partner marketing 
  • Reduce channel sales rep research time and improve the outcomes of sales calls
  • Be curious - research and develop GTM strategies based on real-time market dynamics!
Optimize and evaluate the partner ecosystem of a company you're acquiring or merging into

Use PartnerOptimizer Tech Enabled Services to: 
  • Manage PIPE for your team (versus do-it-yourself)
  • Conduct stakeholder IPP workshops
  • Build custom informatics and research
  • Facilitate data integrations


  • Demo of Partner Intelligence Platform for Ecosystems (PIPE) by PartnerOptimizer


Identify Your Ideal Partner Profile
As a Partner Leader you must understand your Ideal Partner Profile(s) ("IPP"). Previously, technology didn't exist to deeply analyze top partners and find look-alikes that have the highest propensity to replicate their success.  

PartnerOptimizer's PIPE platform provides you with a forensic view into each partner's areas of core expertise, ideal customer profile, technology stack and thousands of related business attributes. By aggregating best partner's profiles into an Ideal Partner Profile that is further refined by your stakeholders specific IPP preferences, you can be more intentional with every aspect of your partner program - and PIPE will surface the best-fit Look-Alikes in your existing ecosystem as well as net new!
Recruiting with Precision
Armed with a clear IPP and PIPE's proprietary data mining of B2B tech companies, partner teams can now discover the best-matched partner prospects with unparalleled accuracy. No more guesswork or inefficient list purchases; no more waiting for conferences or live events; PIPE streamlines the recruitment process, ensuring that you invest in companies with the highest propensity to partner up.
Improving Conversion & Activation
PIPE's data-driven search algorithms and proprietary partner profiling leads to having more partner intelligence in your hands, which empowers you to better qualify and engage partners. This leads to better recruiting success, better activation rates, and ultimately, increased revenue.
Analyzing TAPEM (Total Addressable Partner Ecosystem Market)
Every partner leader is on the line to understand market opportunity as part of business planning to map out investments, staff, budgets, technologies, etc.  With the PIPE platform, for the first time it’s easy to analyze the entire B2B tech ecosystem to see how many partners match your Ideal Partner Profile(s) by partner company type, regions, expertise, tech stack, competencies and certifications, hyper-scaler ecosystem, and more.
Partner Segmentation & Hyper-Targeted Campaigns
Throughout the year, marketing and sales teams are continually launching new initiatives to engage and activate existing and recruit new partners. PIPE works at lightning speed to surface the right partners with just the right business attributes for the right campaigns.



Location: San Diego, CA USA


Location: San Diego, CA USA