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Partner Success Platform

Take the guesswork out of hitting your channel partner revenue


PartnerScore is the essential platform for Channel Chiefs and Partner Managers looking to transform their partnership success. Find out how your partnerships are performing, in real-time—identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Stay on track and meet your revenue goals with accuracy!


Key Business Impacts

  • De-risk Partner Revenue:  Get predicable revenue with early warnings of partnership deal breakers, minimizing risks and safeguarding your revenue
  • Boost Partner Team Effectiveness: Provide your teams with the partner relationship insights they need to be more effective and successful
  • Cut Costs by Identifying Problems Early: Avoid extra expenses by spotting and fixing operational challenges swiftly
  • Focus on Profitable Partnerships: Identify and invest in your best partners to enhance the results from your most important relationships

Key Insights

Track and predict partner success using 8 intuitive, user-friendly metrics that the whole partnership team can easily understand: 

  1. PartnerScore - the overall predictor of success
  2. Conflict 
  3. Communication 
  4. Commitment 
  5. Cooperation 
  6. Mutual Interest 
  7. Credibility 
  8. Social Bonding

Targeted Users

  • Channel Chiefs 
  • Partnership Leaders
  • Channel Managers
  • Partner Success Teams
  • Strategic Alliance Managers

Services Available

  • Always-on real-time relationship tracking of any partnership