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Prepare your teams, communities, and partners for the challenge.

Prepare your teams, communities, and partners for the challenge.


We help you focus on your people, both leaders and individual contributors, to assess their partnering ability and develop their individual skill sets to transform them into partnering experts. 

Key Business Impacts

We enable leaders and their teams to develop the essential soft skills and the hard skills necessary to drive partnering growth. This results in several positive business outcomes:

  • Increased employee engagement and retention
  • Accelerated employee ramp-up to productivity
  • Enhanced employee & partner Experience
  • Strengthened trust-building skills that lead to revenue growth

Key Insights

  • Accelerate Trust with PQi® 
  • Cultivate Essential Partnering Skills Development: PAMs, Sales Reps & Marketers
  • Achieve Ecosystem Education & Certifications
  • Empower Leadership Development including individual Coaching & Advisory

Targeted Users

  • Partner Programs
  • Partner Management
  • Partner Sales
  • Direct Sales
  • Partner Marketing
  • Early in their career leaders
  • Senior Leadership

Services Available

  • Virtual Training
  • In-Person Workshops