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Qollabi ensures that you and your partners stay aligned and engaged.  Send comprehensive updates, track assigned tasks, and monitor shared initiatives and opportunities.


You’re trying to manage partnerships in a system that doesn’t include workflows, collaboration, or accountability. You need a Partner Collaboration Platform. Start collaborating with Qollabi's shared workspaces to keep everyone updated, accountable and on the same page. 

  • Create and manage partner plans with the Plan functionality 
  • Share your progress with partners and request to collaborate in shared workspaces 
  • Capture partner strategy within in your Partner Strategy page 
  • Automate accountability with notifications, automated emails and AI-powered digests 
  • Get an overview and manage your channel revenue and revenue driving activities with Reports


Plan and Co-create
Give all your partners a place to collaborate on a GTM strategy. Qollabi’s shared workspace lets you avoid the ad-hoc email and meetings.

Manage co-sell
Create shared sales and marketing workflows. Send updates, assign tasks, and track progress... so everyone involved knows exactly how to handle every step of a complex sales process.
Garanty co-delivery
Keep track of customer implementation status in one central location. Qollabi’s partner digest gives everyone visibility as shared customers are onboarded so you can ensure their success.



Location: Brussels, New York, San Francisco
Year Founded: 2019
Telephone: US: +1-917-540-6443 EU: +32-2-588-08-03



Location: Brussels, New York, San Francisco
Year Founded: 2019
Telephone: US: +1-917-540-6443 EU: +32-2-588-08-03