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Creativity, intelligence and automation combined for the visual era

Creative Operations and AI Design Intelligence.


At the heart of Re4m is a visual collaboration engine that empowers brands, marketing teams, and creative individuals to give real-time interactive feedback on all types of content (digital content, videos, pdf’s, images, live websites, design files etc). Advanced AI design intelligence predicts how well designs will perform visually in the first few seconds, removing guesswork and subjective opinions from the design process, allowing brands to maximize the visual impact of their designs. Once content is correct, compliant, and approved, Re4m provides closed loop processes to enable content to be published to 3rd party solutions.


Key Business Impacts

  • See what your customers are really seeing: Re4m AI powered design intelligence helps brands, marketers, creative and retail professionals to maximise the visual impact of their designs. Re4m uses machine learning and proprietary data to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable results. It has never been easier to build predictive data into your everyday creative production process.
  • Validate your creative designs and concepts: Use Re4m to obtain real time analysis for each aspect of your creative designs. Use data driven (AI) reviews to show your client, team members or  boss how content will perform and convert, with actionable attention metrics to convey and support your recommendations.
  • Analyze live digital environments: See how potential users would interact with website layouts or designs and revise concepts to deliver better UX/UI to drive more effective user journeys and customer experiences.
  • Drive higher conversions: Re4m brings the concept of A/B testing earlier in the process. With Re4m you can A/B test or rank your creative content and see how customers will view your creative in real-time and prior to actually publishing it.
  • Real time human and AI/MI collaboration: Consolidating human and AI review feedback in a single interface reducing the time (and costs) associated with delivering performant content while improving the quality and compliance of the content being delivered.
  • Reporting: Re4m collects and processes digital and non-digital content at scale and provides detailed analyses and reports with findings, heatmaps and areas of interest.
  • Visual and Contextual Feedback: Provide visual feedback across images, PDFs, websites, videos, podcasts, GIFs and other documents in real time. Eliminate the need for emails and long winded instructions. Re4m will save you time and improve your speed to market.
  • Ensure Everyone is on the same page: Organise and manage all your creative projects on a single pane of glass with helpful calendars, folders and filters. Manage team member participation and extend the process to external collaborators.
  • Streamline workflows, deliver to deadlines: Allocate tasks and monitor progress. Intelligent smart tasks notify team members of next steps ensuring that project deadlines are met.
  • Real-time collaboration: Real time updates for team members whether they are together or working remotely. Everyone is involved (who needs to be) and connected throughout the creative production lifecycle.
  • Minimize rework and maximize throughput: Get work approved fast with less revisions and fewer handoffs. Automate creative approval workflows and connect to your other business apps enabling your team to stay focused on what is important.

Key Insights

Data Quality and Project Management
  • Completion Time: Average duration users take to complete a review for specific media (images, videos, text).
  • Throughput: Number of reviews / tasks completed by users within a specific timeframe.
  • Accuracy: Number of versions a design takes for it to be complete
  • Defect Rate: Percentage of annotations identified as incorrect or requiring correction.
  • Project Completion Time: Tracks the overall time taken to complete annotation tasks for an entire project.
  • Platform Uptime: Percentage of time the annotation platform is available for users.
User Engagement and Collaboration
  • Number of Active Users: Number of users who are actively participating in annotation tasks within a specific period.
  • Number of Collaborations: Tracks how often users collaborate on tasks through features like discussions or shared annotations.
Attention and Engagement
  • Heat maps: Visual representation of fixation density across the entire viewable area. Hotter areas indicate where users focus their attention the most.
  • Gaze maps: Visual representation of the order in which the user / customer viewed the content in initial 4 to 5 seconds.
  • Opacity maps: Relies on attention data and employs a transparency gradient to indicate what content users will perceive and what they might overlook within the first moments of encountering your design.
Comprehension and User Experience
  • Areas of Interest (AOI) Performance: Evaluates how effectively specific elements on the screen (buttons, menus, images) capture user attention.
  • Cognitive (clarity) Load: An estimate of the level of cognitive effort users expend while processing information 
  • A/B Testing: Compare the effectiveness of different design variations or content layouts.
  • Ranking analysis: Capabilities allow for measuring the visibility of multiple designs against each other for visibility, clarity and excitement
  • Digital Media Indexing: Ability to index a new design against a database of '000s of digital marketing images to compare levels of visibility, clarity and excitement 

Targeted Users

  • Marketing Directors / VPs / CMOs
  • Digital Marketers
  • UI / UX Designers
  • Creatives / Designers
  • Studio Managers / Traffic Managers
  • Campaign / Marketing Operations
  • Brand Managers
  • Channel Marketers 
  • Channel Partners
  • Retail Marketing Managers / Directors
  • Event Marketing Managers / Directors

Services Available

  • Configuration and Setup Services
  • Training and Onboarding Services
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Marketing Operations Assessment Service 
  • Building the Business Case for Marketing Operations Service