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Superglue Partner Engagement Platform

Engage with partners efficiently. Co-sell predictably.


Superglue's Partner Engagement Platform lets you set up automations that guide your partner and sales teams through each step of the co-selling process.


Key Business Impacts

  • Boost partner managers' productivity: In our experience 30-70% of partner teams' work is repetitive and can be automated. We make your team more data-driven, boost their reach, and eliminate tedious tasks.
  • Activate more people in your ecosystem and source more leads: Only 10-20% of contacts in most ecosystems are engaged. We let you create partner experiences that ensure that all relevant people working for your partners know you, trust you, feel valued, and drive business your way. 
  • Scale co-selling and enable your own reps to easily work with partners: Rather than expect your reps to change their workflows we meet them where they are and make leveraging partners as easy as clicking a button.

Targeted Users

  • Partner Managers 
  • Channel Managers
  • AEs working with partners

Services Available

Plug&Play integrations into Salesforce, Slack, Gmail/Outlook, PRM, account mapping, hyperscaler listing tools & SFDC custom objects.