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Complete Cloud Sales

Marketplace listings, private offer management, and co-sell automation to scale your cloud sales partnerships.


WorkSpan Hyperscaler Edition delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at optimizing and simplifying various aspects of co-sell partnership with AWS, Microsoft, and Google.

Starting with WorkSpan Marketplace Listing Management Service, partners can benefit from expert support in launching transactable offers efficiently, reducing time-to-market and resource requirements.

Co-Sell Automation facilitates streamlined collaboration with AWS, Microsoft, and Google, automating opportunity and referral sharing while providing real-time insights.

WorkSpan's Marketplace Private Offer Management app integrates AWS Marketplace Management Portal and your CRM seamlessly, offering a consolidated view of operations and simplifying the creation and lifecycle management of private offers. 

Collectively, these offerings empower businesses to navigate the intricacies of your hyperscaler partnerships with enhanced efficiency, control, and performance optimization.



Streamlined Referral Sharing
Streamline CRM opportunity submissions to your hyperscaler partners with WorkSpan, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Advanced integrations maintain data sync and provide granular data control and security policies.
Efficient Co-Sell Planning
Simplify co-sell planning, collaboration, and workflows with clear visibility into opportunities by sales stage and region. Track co-sell pipeline, wins, and partner-sourced revenues with real-time insights and automated workflows.
Maximized Co-Sell Performance
Gain real-time sales insights through auto-generated reports and visualized charts covering pipeline metrics and region-specific performance. Share reports with your team, stakeholders, and hyperscalers for informed decision-making and improved pipeline management.
Accelerated Co-Sell Growth
Automate and streamline co-sell operations with WorkSpan, reducing manual tasks and increasing referral volume. Experience faster deal cycles and rapid co-sell revenue scaling.




Location: San Bernardino, CA
Year Founded: 2015



Location: San Bernardino, CA
Year Founded: 2015